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Why are you so different? – Agnete Munck

Why are you so different?

MBTI Jungian Type Indicator


Get insights with the known Jungian Type Indicator (JTI).
Why do we annoy each other? The flighty one, the detail-oriented, the cash and ask, the quiet one – which type are you, and who annoys you?
The question may be answered by the Jung Type Indicator. The JTI is based on research by the psychologist Carl Jung.
JTI is a research-based, recognized tool for knowledge of self and of others.
Get to know yourself and your team with type seminar for teams.

Group transformation with Jung’s Type Indicator

Here is an outline of a two-day Team-Developing Course using Jung’s type Indicator:

Participants fill in the Type Indicator online, and anwer a short questionnaire via e-mail.

During course:
“Type-insight” through theory and eye-opening exercises.
Individual Type Indicators are returned and discussed in pairs.
Does communication in your team take your preferences into account?
Team issues for group enhancement are put on the table.
We discover and discuss steps to enhance your team’s work and social relations.

Benefit for the workplace
A better understanding of each member’s annoyances and strengths.
Less interteam friction.
Team leader will have a clearer basis for recruiting and staffing of tasks.
Lower level of conflict and greater cooperation within the team.

Benefit for team members
Deepened self-insight.
Clearer communication.
Fewer “mystery processes”; the social dynamics are moved positively.
You become aware of the strengths and challenges of yourself and of others.
Understanding in the team as a whole

In-house courses: For further information contact Agnete Munck at +45 4011 5296

Agnete Munck is a certified coach trained in using Jung’s Type Indicator, in assertiveness development and conflict transformation, and MPSc.
More information at am@agnetemunck.dk