A Customer´s Review

March 2019

“After a particularly challenging period professionally as well as personally
I was looking for a training or a coach. I wanted the coach to help me clarify what I wanted and how I could achieve my goals.

In Agnete I found more than a trainer; I see her as a life coach. Combining practical exercises with more personal conversations, she directed me
towards taking charge of my life and owning up to who I am and what I need and want.

Through role-playing we practiced challenging situations.

I managed to get a deeper understanding through her very well matched reading suggestions.

I found that Agnete´s down to earth and personal approach worked very well for me,
as it showed me through her own behaviour what it means to be assertive.

In addition she was extremely flexible, so we could really create the kind of coaching that suited me at any moment.”

Elena H.

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