1-on-1 coaching

– bringing your leadership skills to the next level

•  Are you looking for the opportunity to move to your next level?
•  Do you want to balance personal power with empathy and clarity?
•  Do you need to listen more and talk less?
•  Are you a successful leader who wants to boost your communication to the next level?

Then 1-on-1 coaching with me is a valid tool that will accelerate your journey.

1-on-1 coaching is the co-active process between you and I that gets you past your hurdles toward your goal.

Research on successful leadership shows us that

➢  Leaders who succeed stand rooted under pressure
➢  Leaders who succeed display respectful empathy
➢  Leaders who succeed provide trustworthy feedback
➢  Leaders who succeed have the courage to confront when necessary
…and successful leaders reflect upon their leadership practices.

Take time-out and reflect with me in 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
Embark in strengthening your personal leadership skills.

Content of coaching
You and I design our coaching alliance: we establish the goal, timeframe and ethics of the coaching.
You talk, I listen to you on three levels.
We sort out the different issues.
We focus on a point of departure.
I reflect back to you what I hear on the surfaces as well as beneath the surface.
You decide what steps of action you will implement.
We follow up on your progress
We mark your progress and celebrate your successes!

Benefit for you
√   You gain an overview of the many thoughts and feelings you have.
√   You will find your authority and develop your responsiveness as leader.
√   You overcome the hurdle which lies between you and your goal.

Not sure whether coaching is something for you?
Contact me for a free sample coaching session at +45 4011 5296

Agnete Munck
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